You’re probably wondering what do cats and learning English have in common?

Well as the blog develops you will see me use my own cats and their escapades to create English language content that you will hopefully enjoy, find helpful and share with others.

I’ll gradually introduce my many cats to you over time throughout the blog, sharing their funny stories and real life adventures that I have been lucky enough to have experienced with them. Sometimes you will have the opportunity to choose which cat you learn about next in posts that you can cast votes on. There will be featured posts about cats other than my own in news about cats from around the world and these will help with some of our reading comprehensions. There will be chances for you to introduce your cats (or other pets) to myself and other readers of this blog sharing some of your own humorous tales.

These are just a few of the exciting things this blog has planned for you so that you can learn English with cats! Welcome to you all.

The cat in the photograph with me is called Bellamy and he was the second cat we ‘rescued’ and brought home. He was only a tiny kitten at the time and very weak due to a chest infection, but he recovered and turned into a really wonderful cat! Alongside all the other cats Bellamy will feature in various blog posts, so keep an eye out for him in future and it wont be long before you have been introduced to his whole gang!

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