Christmas with Cats

How are your cats at Christmas when all the decorations go up? If they are like mine… They LOVE decorations! (Love tearing them down that is!) hahaha This year I have even more very young cats than I had last year so I have to be extra careful where I put the tree and other things like lights and tinsel, or nothing will survive up to the 25th!

Do you buy presents for your pets? My cats love heaps of treats and small toys that make a lot of noise. The noisier the better! They also love any type of empty box and if they get to shred it with their claws, even better! (Not so good for me though because I have to clean up afterwards)

I’m never short of a helping paw when Bellamy and his friends are around!

Once I’ve got the tree in position later on today, I will take a picture and let you see, and even though I don’t expect any of my cats to ‘help’ I know they will all be ‘involved’! 🙂

Now you have read the short passage, see if you can answer these questions:

  1. At Christmas time what do my cats LOVE to do?
  2. What do I have more of this year than I had last year?
  3. What ‘might not survive until the 25th’?
  4. What two gifts do my cats like?
  5. Why might Christmas not be as much fun for me at times?

(answers in a future post)

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