Adjectives for Cats

A list of useful ADJECTIVES to describe cats (or some other animals too)

  • scratchy (abrasive, irritable, rough)
  • stealthy (furtive, sneaky, surreptitious)
  • mischievous (impish, wicked but in a good way, naughty but in a nice way)
  • independent (autonomous, self-governing, free)
  • silent (still, soundless)
  • lazy (slothful, indolent, idle)
  • inquisitive (questioning, wondering, speculative)
  • relaxed (unagitated, cool, unexcited)
  • nonchalant (casual, unconcerned)
  • energetic (active, dynamic, lively)
  • sleepy (drowsy, dozy, slumberous)
  • agile (nimble, spry, quick)
  • aloof (distant, remote)
  • clever (canny, apt, cunning)
  • affectionate (fond, warm, tender)
  • fluffy (flossy, downy)
  • playful (frisky, high-spirited, frolicky)
  • clean (spotless, uncontaminated)
  • entertaining (interesting, enjoyable, fun)
  • comforting (satisfying, consolatory, cheering)

When you learn new vocabulary it is always a good idea to group a new word with other words sharing a similar meaning (called synonyms). This increases your understanding of the new word and widens your vocabulary range. Above is a list of 20 adjectives in BOLD type with synonyms in brackets for each one. In total there are 55 synonyms and the 20 adjectives = 75 words to add to your vocabulary! 🙂

Now you can write/say lots of things about cats and other animals.

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