Solar Powered Water Fountain …for cats!

As you guys already know, we have a HUGE cat family and earlier this year we decided to build a big, multi-roomed outdoor catio for them to roam safely in the garden. The reason for wanting them to be safe while outside is because where I live right now there are lots of snakes. But more about those in a future post.

The catio took a few months to complete, mostly working on it at weekends, but it looks great and the cats love it! It has completely changed their world from only observing through windows what goes on out there to actually being able to smell, hear and to a degree, run after insects, birds, lizards and so forth.

I wanted the whole experience of being out there to be as exciting as possible so there are windmills around the catio for colour and movement, dangling, shiny, trailing things that whip about in the breeze, they have shaded areas for when it gets too sunny and of course various levels and 4 ‘rooms’ or areas they can choose to be on/in.


(I will share more photos of the catio in later posts)

I’m always on the look out for new ways to improve their sensory experience when they are in their catio and I knew I wanted to do something involving water. I didn’t want to have a pump connected up to the electricity. I wanted a water fountain that was powered by the sun as it IS extremely sunny here, so why not take advantage of that!

I went to numerous pet shops and had no luck finding what I wanted, all they had to offer were electrically powered ones.

I was so excited when it arrived a few days later. I took pictures of the contents (see below) and it was super simple to set up. I had a special little helper guide me on how to assemble it too!

I already had a special area ready at the end of the catio for the fountain to be positioned so the cats would hear the water splashing and see birds and insects attracted to it.

As you can see from the photos, it is all very neatly compact and easy to assemble. It was in the water within minutes and looks great in the bowl at the end of their catio. Being the rainy season at the moment, the bowl refills at night with rainwater and doesn’t run dry during the day. It works when there is direct sunlight best, though it does still work with partial cloud cover but the spray wont jet as high. I took this video on a partially overcast day and you can see it is still a fairly high spray.

The main thing is the cats love it, we love it and it has done just what I wanted it to, which was extend their sensory experience in the catio even more.

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