Adverbs with Cats 2

Adverbs (as you’ll remember from the previous post) can modify other words like nouns, adjectives and verbs. They help answer the question of HOW?

In this post we will cover another group of adverbs but these help us answer a different question of WHERE?

First some quick rules about adverbs of place. Before you say it, I can already hear you screaming that this was supposed to be a “fun site for learning English…” blah, blah, blah… well it is. But not even I can get away from following rules (sometimes) lol

Anyway, they are not that hard to learn/remember:

  • Adverbs of Place (AoP) can relate to direction (North, South, left, right)
  • AoP can also refer to distance (nearby, far away)
  • AoP always talks about the location of action in a sentence (action words are verbs)
  • AoP usually indicate the position of something (under, on)
  • AoP usually appear after the main verb in sentences or the main object
  • AoP show movement in particular directions (backward, forward, onward, eastward)

Complete these exercises to practice how they work.

  1. The cat is hiding _________ the bed. (on, next to, between, under)
  2. The cats leapt _______ the tree in fright. (in, around, through, up)
  3. The kittens played dangerously ________ to the sleeping dog. (on, near, in, under)

Now you know the simple rules of adverbs you should be able to listen for them in your conversations and see them in the things you read. Make a list of adverbs of place

Which adverbs of place could you use to describe where Bellamy is on this painting I did of him? (I turned it into a clock too) Does the painting remind you of a punctuation mark? Which one?

If you've any feedback on this post, please let me know and I will get back to you asap.

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