Adverbs with Cats

  1. The cat stretched before going back to sleep
  2. The cat stretched lazily before going back to sleep.

Which one sounds better? Which one helps create a richer picture in your mind if you close your eyes and try to visualize the cat?

The 2nd one does because it gives the reader a little more information about HOW the cat stretched.

Close your eyes again and imagine the cat taking its time to arch its back, have a yawn, perhaps rub its ear, then let its legs reach out as far as they can before flopping down, rolling over and snoozing again. How is it doing it? LAZILY. That’s how.

Adverbs like the example above intensify the meaning of other words, in this case the word STRETCHED was intensified. A good way to spot an adverb (though NOT in every case) is to look for words ending in -ly.

I will look at adverbs WITH -ly endings in this post and cover some other types of adverbs in future posts, so make sure you come back often to check what’s new.

Adverbs can be exciting to use because they alter or modify other words like verbs, nouns and adjectives.

Example: After a long day in the garden chasing birds the young cats went inside to rest.

You get the idea from that example, don’t you? However, an adverb would make it so much more impressionable!

Look now: After a long day in the garden chasing birds the young cats WEARILY went inside to rest.

Question: How did the young cats go inside?

a) with pleasure b) in anger c) exhausted

Which one links best with WEARILY? Of course, it’s c) exhausted.

Here are 10 more adverbs with -ly endings see if you can write a short sentence for each:

  • briskly
  • cheerfully
  • wickedly
  • beautifully
  • firmly
  • truthfully
  • abruptly
  • uneasily
  • excitedly
  • gently

If you can make your sentences all about cats, then you will get an extra bonus point! 🙂

If you've any feedback on this post, please let me know and I will get back to you asap.

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