Phrasal verbs with Animals (answers)

Well just as I promised, here are some answers to the exercises I left you with in that earlier blog about phrasal verbs. These sentences are mine so don’t worry if they look different to yours. However, if you think that your sentences are VERY different then you can always drop me a comment and include your sentence/s and I will take a look and get back to you.

Fish + for

I could tell she was really fishing for information by the amount of questions she was asking. (Someone really trying hard to get information)

Rabbit + on

He wouldn’t stop rabbiting on and on and on. He nearly drove me crazy! (Someone who will not stop talking)

Monkey + around

Girls stop monkeying around and eat your lunch properly” said mother. (Someone playing about, being silly)

Chicken + out

Oh you can’t rely on him to support you, he’s always the first to chicken out! (Someone who evades doing things perhaps because they are scared)

Wolf + down

I already told you, he wolfed down his food and left without a word. (Someone who eats too quickly)


I’ll put some new ones up shortly 🙂



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