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It’s time to inject a little break from the grammar, so I thought I’d write about a few British English expressions using the word ‘get’.

Some of them may also be used in other English-speaking countries and maybe not. I guess you’ll have to listen out for them wherever you are or better still, try adding them into your own English conversations and see how they go down. Trying out colloquialisms from time to time will help your speech to sound a little less ‘textbook-ish’ and a little more realistic and natural.


get out of here‘ – has a similar meaning to ‘no way’ and is used to show surprise or disbelief. Some variations include: get lost; get out; get real

She said we’d won over three million on the lottery!”

“What? Get out of here!”

get by‘ – to manage, to cope with something. “Oh they’ll be ok, they always find ways to get by in the end.”

get in‘ – similar to expressions for cheering and celebrating and said with a fair bit of passion! E.g.

1st football fan: “Did you see after that amazing goal on tv last night it looks like England are through to the final?

2nd football fan: “Yeah I sure did, get in!”

get with‘ – popular in music, this expressions is about getting close enough to someone to be their boy/girlfriend. “No, I don’t want to get with him, he’s not my type.”

get up’ – perhaps a slightly older expression but can still be heard, this one is used for discussing what someone is wearing, their clothing, their costume. “Oh do you remember her get up for the staff party last year? What can we expect this year, I wonder?”

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