Indefinite articles again…

So why are there 2 indefinite articles? (You’re wondering)

Well, that’s easy-ish… we use ‘a’ before adjectives or nouns whose first letter is a consonant and we use ‘an’ before adjectives or nouns whose first letter is a vowel. And if that was all there was to it, this would be the end of this post…lol

But you know the English language better than that by now, and there is ALWAYS MORE to know.

EXCEPTIONS to the rule:

  • nouns/adjectives beginning with uni- e.g. a unicorn not an unicorn
  • nouns /adjectives starting with ur- e.g. a urologist not an urologist
  • nouns/adjectives beginning with eu- e.g. a euro not an euro

However, some adjectives beginning with uni- DO abide by the rule e.g.

  • an unidentified flying object
  • an unintelligent man
  • an unimportant message

I hope this post helps to continue boosting your knowledge of English grammar in general and about the English article system in particular. If you like this post, or any of my others, please share them with your friends, family, neighbours, local communities, regions, countries, continents, and beyond!! LOL


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