Advanced Grammar

Can you complete the 10 gap fills correctly? See how well you can do. 80% would be a great pass! As well as the gap filling part, also try and explain why you chose your answers. I’ll provide my answers and my explanations in a future post.

Have you met Bella? She’s a friend of my __________ .

  • me
  • my sister’s
  • my sister

The trip was cancelled __________ to one of the cats suddenly falling ill.

  • owing
  • for
  • because

My brother __________ rescued a young kitten last year.

  • has
  • had
  • were

You are the only person __________ I can share such information.

  • with whom
  • which
  • that

You ought to __________ get advice from a vet about that.

  • get
  • make
  • take

The cat had __________ wrecked the chair by the time I got home.

  • often
  • almost
  • probably

If __________ wait here please, I’ll just see if she’s free.

  • would wait
  • waiting
  • waited

The public are advised __________ pets safely inside on bonfire night.

  • if they could mind
  • to mind
  • to keep

We will have to discuss __________ we take in any more cats.

  • what
  • whether
  • about

Although I adore musicals, I was unhappy we __________ outside Cats for over an hour!

  • have kept waiting
  • made to waiting
  • were kept waiting

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