Infinitives or Gerunds?

Try out the following exercises for more practice with gerunds and infinitives, see if you can fill the gaps correctly. And yes, every example will be featuring cats with either an -ing or an infinitive (with/without TO)

  1. Mia wasn’t used __________ out of her new metal bowl. (EAT)
  2. The vet advised me __________ Oscar back in a week. (BRING)
  3. I asked you not __________ the cat food, yet you did! (FORGET)
  4. It’s so cute the way Jackie sits patiently __________ be brushed. (WAIT)
  5. I suggested __________ her here so she could play with the other cats. (LEAVE)
  6. I don’t remember __________ for your advice on cats. (ASK)
  7. If only Max and Mia could speak, they’d have a very interesting tale __________ (TELL)
  8. Tio sheds hair so easily that my new jacket needs __________ again. (CLEAN)
  9. Whatever you do, don’t forget __________ the cage at night. (LOCK)
  10. Cats are known __________ quite independent natures. (HAVE)

See how you get on with these and I will post answers in a future post soon.

If you've any feedback on this post, please let me know and I will get back to you asap.

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