Second Conditionals in English Grammar

Now this is the fun one! This is my favourite because you can really let your imagination go crazy!


Because this conditional is all about things that are impossible or imaginary. For example, if I won the lottery, I would buy the Orient Express and live on it permanently.

It’s a conditional for dreamers of all ages.

The formula is: if + past simple and would + infinitive

Either clause can go first.

Some examples for you to complete:

  • If I were thirty years younger, I’d ______________________________________
  • If I were the best dancer in the world, I would _________________________
  • If we had all the diamonds in the world, we’d ______________________
  • If I knew everything, I would __________________________________________
  • If I had three wishes, I’d _______________________________________________

Remember when you were younger, maybe at school, how many times did you have someone say “if I were you young man/lady, I’d…” Then they offer you advice, well that was a second conditional and it was impossible because they could never have been you!

We also use it to make suggestions and give our opinions, as well as giving advice. It is a day-dreamer’s conditional, so let you imaginations go wild!!!!

Complete the following with TEN (yes, I said TEN) different endings:

If I won a million dollars, I’d _________________________________________________

(If you wish, feel free to write any of your ten in the comments box)

You never know, one day one of them might just come true! In the meantime, you better keep coming back to check out what I’m blogging next. Content added constantly, so don’t miss out. Please press a share button if you liked this post, thanks.

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