Prefixes (intermediate)

Change the list of words below into their opposites by using the following prefixes:

un- in- dis- il- im- ir-

  • happy
  • regular
  • possess
  • discreet
  • patient
  • friendly
  • visible
  • replaceable
  • polite
  • pack
  • correct
  • employed
  • legible
  • possible
  • appear
  • interested
  • honest
  • practical
  • opened
  • fitting
  • jointed
  • educated
  • agree
  • logical

Remember to always learn new vocabulary with their opposites (antonyms) and a bunch of synonyms too. That’s how you can help yourself expand your vocabulary quickly.

There are plenty more words that would fit into the list above, see if you can double, even triple the number I provided.

Doing simple but effective exercises like the one presented in today’s post CAN improve your breadth of language immensely in a very short period of time. To also cement your depth of understanding you need to learn those new words within meaningful contexts, not in isolation. So write each one into a sentence and do the same with their antonyms and any synonyms.

Do you want to pull yourself up into a higher level? Are you tired of being at the intermediate stages?

If you can answer yes, (and I know the feeling from my own Spanish language learning!!) then do simple exercises like this one today and you’ll see a HUGE difference quite quickly.

Just keep at it, practice, practice, practice!

If you've any feedback on this post, please let me know and I will get back to you asap.

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