Don’t just say WALK, say… (Intermediate/Advanced)


  • amble
  • stroll
  • meander
  • mosey
  • shuffle
  • saunter
  • gander
  • pace
  • stride
  • wander
  • hike
  • plod
  • tramp
  • trudge
  • trek
  • ramble
  • patrol
  • troop
  • tread
  • roam
  • traipse
  • prowl
  • yomp
  • promenade
  • march
  • pootle
  • perambulate
  • wend one’s way
  • stretch one’s legs
  • take the air
  • step out
  • foot it
  • hoof it

The next time you’re relaying a story and in that tale someone happens to be walking… use one of these words/expressions instead.

I have to tell you some of them are rather old-fashioned now, if not even obsolete. So you’ll need to do some research to find out which are still current. Some might be particularly British, others might be a little more international, find out which.

BUT everyone of them has at some point in time been used as a replacement for the simple word —— walk.

Have fun. If you know any more please write them in the comments box below and I’ll add them to this list.


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