English Irregular Verbs gap-fill worksheet (Intermediate)

Just in case you’re feeling a little bored, nothing to do, not much on tv… try this gap fill exercise. I’m going with a cat theme… in case you didn’t notice! You need to supply the PAST TENSE form of the bold word in brackets.

Oh, did I mention before that Bellamy ____________ me yet another dead mouse this morning? (BRING)

Olivia has always __________ with a blue toy dragon she was given as a kitten. (FIGHT)

The dragon is away being repaired…

The triplets ________ very well in their new cat hammocks last night. (SLEEP)

Jackie _________ the string quiver and pounced immediately. (SEE)

I often __________ to all the cats when they were kittens. (SING)

She only said she thought the pet shop _________ it, not that it definitely did. (SELL)

I know the cats love the catio we ____________ for them, they really do. (BUILD)

Max behaves just like a dog. Have you seen the latest hole he’s _________ outside? (DIG)

Sebastian hates going to the vet. He screamed and screamed as I __________ him there this morning. (DRIVE)

“I’m not going!”

While I was in the vet’s I ____________ that cat shampoo you said you wanted. (BUY)

Please drop me a line in the comments box if you have any questions about this worksheet. I will be posting more in the near future, just keep checking in, ok. Thanks

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