Irregular verbs (Advanced)

I’m going to give you a short list of 20 of some of English’s less common irregular verbs. Try them out over the holidays. I guess for you advanced learners, these are just practice, but for all those intermediates out there who want to leap up a level… why not give them a try and see how you do!!

Remember, do not learn new vocabulary without putting each new word into a meaningful sentence. If you do this habitually, learning new words will become easier over time.

Complete the table by filling in the missing past participles for each word.


  • bear
  • bend
  • bid
  • bind
  • bleed
  • blow
  • cling
  • creep
  • fight
  • forgive
  • grind
  • kneel
  • lay
  • light
  • mislead
  • mistake
  • quit
  • rise
  • seek
  • shake

Past Simple

  • bore
  • bent
  • bid
  • bound
  • bled
  • blew
  • clung
  • crept
  • fought
  • forgave
  • ground
  • knelt/kneeled
  • laid
  • lit
  • misled
  • mistook
  • quit
  • rose
  • sought
  • shook

Past Participle

I’ll pop some more on to a future post. Remember that there is no easy solution for learning irregular verbs, you just have to commit them to memory. And no one, including me (for my Spanish lessons) enjoys irregular verbs, but they have to be mastered.

Have fun and if you have questions, please leave them in the comment box below. Conveniently, that’s also where the sharing buttons happen to be (what a coincidence! lol) so maybe press one while you’re there… Thanks

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