Speaking exercise (forming and giving opinions) Intermediate/advanced


I like recycling and I decided to reuse an idea from an older post to form this one. In “33 ways to say walk” you practiced your past participles. Well, sticking with a ‘walking’ theme, please read on…

Now many years ago (too many in fact) when I was an undergraduate, I had a friend who, to earn extra money, worked as a runway model. She left university without any debts, which we all thought was amazing! But, one thing I remember her saying the most was how difficult it was being a model and that no one except other models understood just how tough their job was. I used to scoff, one eyebrow raised VERY high and mumble “yeah, right, really hard!” Then fall about laughing because I also had a ‘walking’ part-time job as a student. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as well paid because waiters were not paid as much as models then (or now) even though they probably walk miles and miles more than models do. Anyway…

So what do you think? Do you go along with my old university friend’s view that modelling is a demanding, tough job? Or do you share the opposite opinion?

Some say modelling is a very hard, very demanding job, but others argue it is easy.

What’s your opinion?

Remember, to also think carefully about expanding what you say. Don’t just give yes/no answers without some reasons for why you’re saying yes/no.

You do not need to be an expert on the field of modelling (or any other topic) to have and give your opinions.

Remember, if you are talking for the purpose of improving your language skills in general, or in order to pass an exam such as IELTS, then showcase your knowledge of the language, not the topic. It is extremely unlikely that your examiner will be Supermodel Naomi Campbell, so think about how you’d talk about work in general, or your current/future job in particular.

Keep the flow of conversation going, don’t be shy, and enjoy speaking with confidence. The more you practice speaking about a wide range of topics the better you will become. So you know what to do, don’t you? Start practicing!

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