Gossip – LOVE it or HATE it? It has its pluses & minuses.

The origins of the term gossip some say began with Shakespeare (who was singlehandedly responsible for a great number of words we have in English today), while others think it has roots in the French language. Personally, I think there must have been a term for this knocking around for hundreds even thousands of years.

People have, do, and will always, intentionally or otherwise, find themselves at some point in their lives, engaging in this social ‘activity’.


This will depend on several things:

  • Who the gossiper is? What their standing is within their social circles?
  • Who is being gossiped about?
  • What the content of any gossip being shared might be?
  • Whether it is worth spreading further?

I’ve often engaged in gossip and admittedly, sometimes it has been a bad thing to do because perhaps it might have contained ‘not quite the whole truth’ or might have been salacious or scandalous in some way.

On the other hand, gossip has some important social functions too because it can serve to grease ‘social wheels’, especially when getting to know new people. Gossiping can bring us together by giving us a common focus, even if that focus is someone else.

Anyone who says they never gossip is _ _ _ _ _. (Fill in the blank with 1 word)

In today’s post I want to give you 10 expressions for the word GOSSIP. I’m sure you’ll soon be slipping them in and out of conversation like a pro!

  1. tittle-tattle (the content of gossip)
  2. dirty laundry (the content of gossip)
  3. dishing the dirt (the act of gossiping)
  4. chin-wagging (the act of gossiping)
  5. chewing the fat (the act of gossiping)
  6. talk of the town (the person being gossiped about)
  7. grapevine (the volume of people involved in a bit of gossip)
  8. scandal (the content of gossip)
  9. babble (the act of gossiping)
  10. meddler (the person spreading the gossip)

NOTE: Numbers 4/5 can also be talk that isn’t to do with the act of gossiping but just plain old, regular, non-gossipy conversation.

So next time you’re part of a “juicy conversation” remember this post! LOL

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