Frantic January… so busy!

Ok all, I know I’ve not spent any where near as much time on this as I should have but life this January had been very busy and full of fresh challenges almost every day. We’re now in February and finally, it looks like things will calm down a little, at least enough for me to resume blogging.

With all the running (literally) about I’ve had to do throughout January, I thought of a way of turning that experience into a useful post about how we use the word RUN or RUNNING in English to create lots of different expressions to describe being VERY BUSY.

I’ll list below some of the most popular expressions using RUN or RUNNING. Remember, these are to do with expressing how busy we are. There are many other idiomatic expressions using RUN that are not about being busy.

  • I haven’t had a break all day, I’ve been run off my feet.
  • I’ve been running around like a headless chicken all day.
  • I’ve run myself ragged this week!
  • I’ve run one errand after another today, it’s been none stop madness.
  • My day’s been so full with meetings that I’ve had to run a really tight ship or nothing else would have been completed.
  • That was a tough interview, I really had to run the gamut and talk about so many different things.
  • It’s going to take a while but in the end when everything’s up and running, it’ll be worth it.
  • There are a few companies I think I can do better than, so I’m just going to run with it on my own for now.
  • Sometimes you have to admit defeat and just cut and run before you get in any deeper.
  • I’ve really had to hit the ground running since getting back as so much has changed in ten years.

If you’ve had a crazy, super busy start to the new year like I have at least now you have a few helpful expressions to use to help you as you tell others all about it.

See you soon

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