Cat of the Week

This week it is all about Filby.

She has a special bond with me that her three other siblings don’t have. Don’t get me wrong, I adore them too (Oscar, Portia and Emmy) but Filby and I have a special bond. She spent a lot more time hanging around me than the other three when she was a tiny kitten. Now I am no longer there, I hear that she has been moping around, scouring everywhere looking for me. Awwww bless her.

I miss her very much. She used to have to have her special sit-on-my-chest-time EVERYDAY! LOL Sometimes several times a day and it didn’t matter what I was doing I had to down tools and pick her up or risk getting one of her “I’m disappointed in you” looks. Wish she was here now to do that.

So the reason she is cat of the week this week is because the person looking after them all now just told me recently that she is more friendly with them. Which is GREAT! She is moping around less and though I hope she wont forget me entirely, (or even at all) I do hope she builds a great solid bond with her new primary care giver. So well done Filby. (I promise I shall come back and see you very, very soon xx)

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