Cat Introductions…

Cats’ lives matter featuring Filby… Facebook-f Twitter Google-plus-g Envelope Wordpress This is Filby She is adorable but naughty, affectionate yet fearless and ‘inquisitive’ is simply her middle name! She’s into everything, everywhere, with absolutely no where being out of bounds to her. On the right she’s with Tio, the eldest cat, he’s another super adorableContinue reading “Cat Introductions…”

Adjectives – Have a specific order

As native speakers, of any language, we don’t always know specific rules for why things are the way they are with language, but we just ‘know’ instinctively. The order of adjectives in English is one of those types of rules. If you have an English friend, try asking them if they know the actual orderContinue reading “Adjectives – Have a specific order”

Correlative conjunctions

These are yet another type of conjunction (and I bet you’re wondering why on Earth you wanted to learn English?) Well just like the other two types of conjunctions in my previous previous posts, these also combine words or phrases but they do so in a different way. Don’t worry, learning them isn’t as badContinue reading “Correlative conjunctions”

Cat Idioms

Something I sometimes said when I was a high school teacher in the UK was “it’s like herding cats trying to get my year 9s to do even the simplest task on time” The underlined part is the idiom and means = almost an impossibility (can you imagine trying to herd a lot of cats?Continue reading “Cat Idioms”

Adverbs with Cats

The cat stretched before going back to sleep The cat stretched lazily before going back to sleep. Which one sounds better? Which one helps create a richer picture in your mind if you close your eyes and try to visualize the cat? The 2nd one does because it gives the reader a little more informationContinue reading “Adverbs with Cats”

Solar Powered Water Fountain …for cats!

As you guys already know, we have a HUGE cat family and earlier this year we decided to build a big, multi-roomed outdoor catio for them to roam safely in the garden. The reason for wanting them to be safe while outside is because where I live right now there are lots of snakes. ButContinue reading “Solar Powered Water Fountain …for cats!”

Proverbs for Cats

So remember I said I was going to get on with the Christmas decorations in my last post? Well, I dug out the boxes of decorations I had carefully wrapped and stored away last year. Carried each box (three HUGE ones) over to the areas I needed them (one in the living-room, one for theContinue reading “Proverbs for Cats”

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