Adjectives – Have a specific order

As native speakers, of any language, we don’t always know specific rules for why things are the way they are with language, but we just ‘know’ instinctively. The order of adjectives in English is one of those types of rules. If you have an English friend, try asking them if they know the actual orderContinue reading “Adjectives – Have a specific order”

Adjectives for Cats

A list of useful ADJECTIVES to describe cats (or some other animals too) scratchy (abrasive, irritable, rough) stealthy (furtive, sneaky, surreptitious) mischievous (impish, wicked but in a good way, naughty but in a nice way) independent (autonomous, self-governing, free) silent (still, soundless) lazy (slothful, indolent, idle) inquisitive (questioning, wondering, speculative) relaxed (unagitated, cool, unexcited) nonchalantContinue reading “Adjectives for Cats”

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