Definite article – THE

This small but sometimes confusing word is used with nouns. These nouns can be something already mentioned in a conversation or known, something unique or something the speaker/writer has chosen to mention specifically. WE NEVER USE THE FOR GENERIC THINGS OR SOMETHING THAT HAS NOT BEEN MENTIONED BEFORE. The other day I was watching anContinue reading “Definite article – THE”

Everyday English Expressions

It’s time to inject a little break from the grammar, so I thought I’d write about a few British English expressions using the word ‘get’. Some of them may also be used in other English-speaking countries and maybe not. I guess you’ll have to listen out for them wherever you are or better still, tryContinue reading “Everyday English Expressions”

Present continuous tense practice with Suzanne Vega – Toms Diner (Official Music Video) – YouTube

via (276) Suzanne Vega – Toms Diner (Official Music Video) – YouTube   Listen to this song to practice your understanding of pronouns and the present continuous tense. Remember this tense shows on-going actions at the time a person speaks. So right now I am WRITING this for you, I’m also LOOKING out of theContinue reading “Present continuous tense practice with Suzanne Vega – Toms Diner (Official Music Video) – YouTube”

Upper Intermediate Writing

Showing examiners that you can interpret, understand and present opinions is a great skill and will definitely help towards catapulting your writing into an advanced stage, if you master the skill properly! In exams (like IELTS for example) it can be very stressful worrying about all the different aspects of grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc, etc,Continue reading “Upper Intermediate Writing”

Cat Idioms

Something I sometimes said when I was a high school teacher in the UK was “it’s like herding cats trying to get my year 9s to do even the simplest task on time” The underlined part is the idiom and means = almost an impossibility (can you imagine trying to herd a lot of cats?Continue reading “Cat Idioms”

Phrasal verbs with Animals (answers)

Well just as I promised, here are some answers to the exercises I left you with in that earlier blog about phrasal verbs. These sentences are mine so don’t worry if they look different to yours. However, if you think that your sentences are VERY different then you can always drop me a comment andContinue reading “Phrasal verbs with Animals (answers)”

If you’re an advanced student, can you do this?

A good exercise for continually improving upon your speaking and/or writing skills if you are an advanced student is to practice the following exercise. Below are a list of unfinished sentences for you to THINK carefully about and then COMPLETE. Whether you’re working alone, in a pair or in a small group, it might helpContinue reading “If you’re an advanced student, can you do this?”

Adjectives for Cats

A list of useful ADJECTIVES to describe cats (or some other animals too) scratchy (abrasive, irritable, rough) stealthy (furtive, sneaky, surreptitious) mischievous (impish, wicked but in a good way, naughty but in a nice way) independent (autonomous, self-governing, free) silent (still, soundless) lazy (slothful, indolent, idle) inquisitive (questioning, wondering, speculative) relaxed (unagitated, cool, unexcited) nonchalantContinue reading “Adjectives for Cats”

Which cat will you choose next?

Look carefully at the six photographs of my cats and let me know by voting which one you want to hear more about next. The last photo is of Bellamy and you have had a little bit of information on him already, but if you want even about him, then please vote for him. IfContinue reading “Which cat will you choose next?”

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