Cat Introductions…

Cats’ lives matter featuring Filby… Facebook-f Twitter Google-plus-g Envelope Wordpress This is Filby She is adorable but naughty, affectionate yet fearless and ‘inquisitive’ is simply her middle name! She’s into everything, everywhere, with absolutely no where being out of bounds to her. On the right she’s with Tio, the eldest cat, he’s another super adorableContinue reading “Cat Introductions…”

Christmas with Cats

How are your cats at Christmas when all the decorations go up? If they are like mine… They LOVE decorations! (Love tearing them down that is!) hahaha This year I have even more very young cats than I had last year so I have to be extra careful where I put the tree and otherContinue reading “Christmas with Cats”

Which cat will you choose next?

Look carefully at the six photographs of my cats and let me know by voting which one you want to hear more about next. The last photo is of Bellamy and you have had a little bit of information on him already, but if you want even about him, then please vote for him. IfContinue reading “Which cat will you choose next?”

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