Relative clauses and relative pronouns

Relative pronouns make it very clear which particular person or thing is being discussed e.g. Jackie O is our bright white cat who gave birth to triplets last year. Relative clauses also give more information about things or people e.g. Jackie O, who is a three year old, short-tailed cat, is the mother of PrincessContinue reading “Relative clauses and relative pronouns”

Indefinite articles

Well in a previous post we looked at the English definite article ‘the’. In this post I want to go over the English indefinite article a/an. Quick re-cap: We use ‘the’ to talk about something known to the speaker and the listener. However, when discussing something(s) unknown we use a/an instead. Why? Have you seenContinue reading “Indefinite articles”

Adverbs with Cats 2

Adverbs (as you’ll remember from the previous post) can modify other words like nouns, adjectives and verbs. They help answer the question of HOW? In this post we will cover another group of adverbs but these help us answer a different question of WHERE? First some quick rules about adverbs of place. Before you sayContinue reading “Adverbs with Cats 2”

Adverbs with Cats

The cat stretched before going back to sleep The cat stretched lazily before going back to sleep. Which one sounds better? Which one helps create a richer picture in your mind if you close your eyes and try to visualize the cat? The 2nd one does because it gives the reader a little more informationContinue reading “Adverbs with Cats”

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